THE MAGNETIC CONTENT FORMULA - Your Ultimate Content Creation System

Introducing "The Magnetic Content Formula" - the ultimate content creation system designed to supercharge your visibility and help you attract a loyal community (and dream clients) through  authentic, fulfilling and highly converting content.

Is this you? 

  • You're constantly thinking "if only I could find a way to communicate the immense value of my work to my audience" and then sit there staring at a screen for hours trying to do that - wasting your time.
  • You always get the "you're so inspiring" but sales are down.
  • You're constantly wondering what to post when or running out of things to say OR
  • completely overwhelmed with too many ideas (and then procrastinate and not post at all!) 
  • You're getting crickets on your content even though you're following the trends from all the gurus (frustraaating!)
  • You're bored or hating on social media because it's all too hard and taking up all your time and your content just feels... well VANILLA AF.

Well this is for you my beautiful soulpreneur... no longer do you have to experience the above list!

💡 I'M ABOUT TO SHARE WITH YOU THE SECRET SAUCE TO ELEVATING YOUR VISIBILITY. And no, I'm not going to box you into a niche or ask you to leave your intuition and creativity at the door.

I understand what it is like to struggle with finding the right words to describe the multidimensionality of "what you do" and be in my fullest expression & authenticity while still making money from your content, which is why I have developed a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource that merges creativity and magnetic messaging with effective content planning.

This resource will help you stand out and be seen by packaging up your magic and make it tangible, clear and magnetic for you AND your audience so that you get the engagement and sales you desire from your effort.

This ULTIMATE all-in-one content system includes:

  • An all-in-one mini brand development and content course on a Trello board for easy access and organization INCLUDING Content Confidence, a 21 page in depth guide an workbook so that you can start to confidently create highly captivating and converting content.
  • High-converting content frameworks and content ideas to inspire and guide your creative process.
  • Save time and brain strain by training your AI to sound like your brand and get access to tried and tested AI (Chat GPT, Bard or Notion) content prompts & hooks for Reels, Tik Tok, Facebook & LinkedIn, so you can create magnetic content that is in alignment with your authentic voice and message.
  • An easy to implement content planner (aligned to the astrological days of the week) to help you strategize and align your content with your vision and goals AND energetics.
  • Support within the Fempreneurs Unleashed Community on Facebook so you don't feel alone in the process.
  • A 30 min Bonus Call to guide you through any roadblocks you may have in your visibility.

By using The Magnetic Content Formula, you will:

  • Feel confident to create content that is highly converting yet fun and fun and fulfilling to create.
  • Stop blending into the sea of sameness and become the sought after "it" woman in your niche.  
  • Never guess what to post ever again and free your time so that you can focus on serving your clients.  All you have to do is plan then copy, paste and press post... Max 10 mins a day!
  • Learn how to put your value into words with magnetic messaging
  • Be magnetic AF in your visibility & sales - because you will have learned to craft consistent, captivating and consistent content over and over again. 

Join The Magnetic Content Formula here and expect your visibility to soar and your content to turn into a client magnet.

Karla x

What People Are Saying:

Karla this trello board and PDF is incredible!!!! If only I had met you when I began my biz journey I realize how much I have stumbled through the dark trying to work it all out for myself and creating some unhealthy habits in my marketing and biz creation/strategy process. Now I am unlearning complicated systems, you are such a breath of fresh air beautiful... Thank you! xx

Jade Mason

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